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California’s latest carbon auction raises $331.8 million

Sacramento Bee, 8-22-2014

Toll Booth’s Cash Lane Closures Cut Costs, Drives Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Commuters Mad

CBS SF Bay Area, 8-22-2014

Oakland gets $6 million in state funding for transportation projects

Bay City News, 8-22-2014

Siluria turns natural gas into gasoline for $1 per gallon

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-21-2014

10-mile BART extension to San Jose clears hurdle

Inside Bay Area, 8-21-2014

63 trillion gallons of groundwater lost in drought, study finds

Los Angeles Times, 8-21-2014

New plan to ease Tam Junction traffic jam begins Friday

Marin Independent Journal, 8-21-2014

Vine Trail to link Napa to Yountville by fall 2015

Napa Valley Register, 8-21-2014

A commuter's bane - filthy, smelly BART station stairs

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-21-2014

SF approves free Muni for special-education students

San Francisco Examiner, 8-20-2014

Striking pictures show affect of California's record drought

The Telegraph (UK), 8-20-2014

Cities’ Air Problems Only Get Worse With Climate Change

New York Times, 8-20-2014

Promise of $130m draws out a specialists' debate on getting sustainable development right

California Planning & Development Report, 8-20-2014

Montclair: Flexible parking district goes into effect

Contra Costa Times, 8-20-2014

Napa extends red-light cameras for one year

Napa Valley Register, 8-20-2014

Faulty population numbers may influence housing: Burlingame officials concerned numbers could give false look at city’s needs

San Mateo Daily Journal, 8-20-2014

Why Portland Is Building a Multi-Modal Bridge That Bans Cars

CityLab, 8-19-2014

City workers pave Linda Mar Boulevard

San Jose Mercury News, 8-19-2014

Lawmakers expand carpool lane permits for plug-ins

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-19-2014

City reaches milestone for train station project

Daily Republic, 8-19-2014

Editorial: BART to San Jose: Celebrate Phase 1 and get ready to plan line to Santa Clara

San Jose Mercury News, 8-19-2014

$750K grant may bring big changes to South Berkeley

Berkeleyside, 8-19-2014

Where We Came From and Where We Went, State by State

New York Times, 8-19-2014

San Francisco supervisor would add more than 1,000 housing units in Sunset District

San Francisco Business Times, 8-19-2014

California High-Speed Rail Faces Skepticism As Preliminary Construction Begins

Capital Public Radio, 8-18-2014

Downtown SF project may buy its way out of below-market-rate housing mandate

San Francisco Examiner, 8-18-2014

Editorial: Editorial: Golden Gate Transit needs to get a handle on bus driver staffing

Marin Independent Journal, 8-17-2014

Editorial: A solution for bikes and pedestrians

Sacramento Bee, 8-17-2014

You better have a ticket to ride Muni

San Francisco Examiner, 8-17-2014

West’s historic drought stokes fears of water crisis

Washington Post, 8-17-2014

Editorial: Readers React: Don't bet on the bullet train's estimated cost

Los Angeles Times, 8-17-2014

Napa County spends big to influence Sacramento

Napa Valley Register, 8-16-2014

As yellow buses fade away, school traffic congests roads in Marin

Marin Independent Journal, 8-16-2014

SF cabdrivers vote to unionize as industry continues to take beating from ride services

San Francisco Examiner, 8-15-2014

Warriors arena conceptual plan includes 2 office towers, plazas, retail space

San Francisco Examiner, 8-15-2014

From rails to trails: Iron Horse cuts a pioneering path in urban trails movement

Contra Costa Times, 8-15-2014

Court says Parkmerced redevelopment is just fine

SFGate, 8-15-2014

The Cities That Spend The Most On Bike Lanes Later Reap The Most Reward

Fast Company, 8-15-2014

Taking the Bypass on Transportation Funding

Governing, 8-14-2014

Slimmed-down California water bond heading to voters

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-14-2014

When it comes to roads and rail, we force government to lie to us

Grist, 8-14-2014

Ride-sharing showdown: Uber, Lyft, Sidecar fight to block new regulations

Contra Costa Times, 8-13-2014

Road widening project nears completion

Napa Valley Register, 8-13-2014

Traffic lights to see signal timing changes

San Mateo Daily Journal, 8-13-2014

Editorial: Caltrans Still Obsessed with Road-Building

East Bay Express, 8-13-2014

Rohnert Park council discusses two visions for downtown space

Press Democrat, 8-12-2014

Editorial: Making the Case for High-Speed Rail

New York Times, 8-12-2014

Federal board approves 144- mile high-speed rail route

Sacramento Bee, 8-12-2014

Editorial: Dick Spotswood: Housing 'density bonus' can make numbers misleading

Marin Independent Journal, 8-12-2014

Lyft-Uber competition for drivers heats up

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-12-2014

Californians need more time to prepare for new clean air rules

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-12-2014

2 BART board directors face challengers in election

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-12-2014

Port: Time for a new view of the S.F. waterfront's future

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-12-2014

Editorial: Marin Voice: Legislation will correctly designate Marin as 'suburban'

Marin Independent Journal, 8-11-2014

Editorial: Marin Voice: Development proposal puts Strawberry on center stage

Marin Independent Journal, 8-11-2014

Milpitas planners to review city's 8-year draft Housing Element

San Jose Mercury News, 8-11-2014

Editorial: Guest perspective: Where did middle-class home ownership go?

San Mateo Daily Journal, 8-11-2014

Walkable cities mean lower obesity and disease rates, says CU Denver study

Denver Business Journal, 8-11-2014

S.F.'s answer to housing crisis: Offer loans to buy the buildings

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-11-2014

Pacifica getting new Highway 1 bridge, traffic delays

San Jose Mercury News, 8-11-2014

Possible Golden Gate Bridge District Strike Would Cripple Commute

CBS SF Bay Area, 8-11-2014

Marin bus riders struggle to cope with driver shortage, service cuts

Marin Independent Journal, 8-10-2014

Bike Mobile helps fix bikes for area children

Daily Republic, 8-10-2014

Pedaling toward Nirvana: Bike Boosters Trying to Make the Bay Area a Cycling Paradise

California magazine, 8-9-2014

S.F. supes reaffirm tech shuttles' use of Muni stops

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-8-2014

Berkeley installs first permeable pavers downtown

Berkeleyside, 8-8-2014

ABAG Sharpens Process to Identify Open Space Preservation

The Independent, 8-8-2014

Bill would cap income eligibility for state's clean-vehicle rebates

Los Angeles Times, 8-7-2014

Pedestrians Dying at Disproportionate Rates in America's Poorer Neighborhoods

Governing, 8-7-2014

Bike riders continue to break BART rules, but agency is working on kinks

San Francisco Examiner, 8-7-2014

Orinda 'housing element' update moves ahead

Contra Costa Times, 8-7-2014

January tax hike fuels fight over greenhouse gas law

Capitol Weekly, 8-7-2014

SF commuter-benefit program offenders can expect crackdown

San Francisco Examiner, 8-7-2014

Dan Walters: Legislature ducking debate on big fuel price hike

Sacramento Bee, 8-7-2014

Commentary: Leaders need to step in on housing crisis

Silicon Valley Business Journal, 8-7-2014

How Outdated Parking Laws Price Families Out of the City

CityLab, 8-7-2014

Ferry frustration mounts: Officials want South City passenger numbers to grow, higher fares could result otherwise

San Mateo Daily Journal, 8-6-2014

City's housing needs reviewed in public workshop

Weekly Calistogan, 8-6-2014

Fremont: Free electric vehicle test drives scheduled Saturday

San Jose Mercury News, 8-6-2014

Editorial: California's slow ride to new transit

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-6-2014

San Pedro project illustrates a cause of limited housing affordability

Los Angeles Times, 8-6-2014

Delays Persist for U.S. High-Speed Rail

New York Times, 8-6-2014

Clayton: Traffic mitigation plan for Mt. Diablo Elementary School back to drawing board

Contra Costa Times, 8-6-2014

CHP probing whether Bay Bridge critics were muzzled

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-6-2014

John Horgan: Menlo Park citizens are pushing back

San Jose Mercury News, 8-6-2014

El Cerrito looks at turning greener

Contra Costa Times, 8-6-2014

Uber, Lyft, Sidecar try carpool service

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-6-2014

Lyft Adds A Carpooling Option To Compete With Mass Transit (And Uber)

Forbes, 8-6-2014

Lyft Hopes to Coax Commuters to Leave Their Cars

New York Times, 8-6-2014

Half Moon Bay streets to be repaved

San Mateo Daily Journal, 8-5-2014

Strike vote could shutter Marin ferry service

Marin Independent Journal, 8-5-2014

Sonoma County postpones roads tax plan

Press Democrat, 8-5-2014

Senator to push Attorney General to launch criminal probe on Bay Bridge construction

Sacramento Bee, 8-5-2014

Affordable housing crisis in Sonoma County

Press Democrat, 8-5-2014

Caltrans to defend Bay Bridge at state hearing

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-5-2014

Smart highway aims to cut congestion on westbound I-80

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-4-2014

The Courts Speak Up for California High-Speed Rail

The Atlantic, 8-4-2014

Editorial: Time to Look at Oakland

Planetizen, 8-4-2014

Pedestrians Dying at Disproportionate Rates in America's Poorer Neighborhoods

Governing, 8-4-2014

Study Says Poor Planning Contributes To Wildfire Costs

KUOW, 8-4-2014

San Francisco and New York Affordable Housing Plans Compared - See more at:

San Francisco Public Press, 8-4-2014

Local artists to receive salvaged steel from Bay Bridge

Oakland Tribune, 8-3-2014

Editorial: Disturbing report on Bay Bridge, Caltrans

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-3-2014

California Plans Bullet Train Without More U.S. Aid

Wall Street Journal, 8-3-2014

Daly City planners propose measures to boost below-market-rate housing supply

San Francisco Examiner, 8-3-2014

Editorial: Marin Voice: SMART's making steady progress toward starting service

Marin Independent Journal, 8-3-2014

Affordable Housing Draws Middle Class to Inland Cities

New York Times, 8-3-2014

Court gives new life to California high-speed rail

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-1-2014

California high-speed rail project wins big in appellate court ruling

San Jose Mercury News, 8-1-2014

West Contra Costa transit study gets funding boost

San Jose Mercury News, 8-1-2014

Analysis: Cap-and-trade delay doomed, but illuminating on multiple fronts

Sacramento Business Journal, 8-1-2014

JULY 2014

How Your City's Public Transit Stacks Up

FiveThirtyEight, 7-31-2014

The Rise of Suburban Poverty in America

TIME, 7-31-2014

How California Could Power Itself Using Nothing but Renewables

Pacific Standard, 7-31-2014

Fremont kicks off transformation of downtown

San Jose Mercury News, 7-31-2014

Alameda approves plan for new housing, offices and parks on 150 waterfront acres

San Francisco Business Times, 7-30-2014

Oakland City Council postpones vote on WOSP gentrification scheme

San Francisco BayView, 7-30-2014

Editorial: Congress recklessly refuses to top up the Highway Trust Fund

Washington Post, 7-30-2014

Concord to address pedestrian, cycling safety

Contra Costa Times, 7-30-2014

Can planners find common ground with Tea Party and property rights activists on means even if they don’t agree on ends?

California Planning & Development Report, 7-30-2014

Bill Takes on California’s Outdated Bike Lane Rules

Next City, 7-30-2014

BART tests new Oakland Airport tram

Oakland Tribune, 7-30-2014

Horror stories of Bay Area bridge plate-reader glitches

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-30-2014

LAH council gives go-ahead to road repairs

Los Altos Town Crier, 7-30-2014

Board of Supervisors give initial nod to roads tax

Press Democrat, 7-29-2014

Senate amends highway bill, delaying final action

SF Gate, 7-29-2014

Marin housing shuffle: Planners drop Tam Valley sites

Marin Independent Journal, 7-29-2014

Communications platform would link electric cars, utilities

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-29-2014

Senate passes highway bill, sends it back to House

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-29-2014

UC Davis launches website to compare driving costs of electric vehicles

Sacramento Bee, 7-29-2014

Activist will fight delay of vehicle fuels in cap-and-trade system

Los Angeles Times, 7-29-2014

East Bay lawmaker wants criminal probe into new Bay Bridge

San Jose Mercury News, 7-28-2014

California High-Speed Rail: Some Views From the Valley

The Atlantic, 7-28-2014

Upfront: A long road home

Pacific Sun, 7-28-2014

Lawmaker wants criminal probe into new Bay Bridge

KTVU, 7-27-2014

S.F. voters to weigh possible $104 million in new spending

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-27-2014

Plan to cut slow bus to San Francisco, add express trips

Press Democrat, 7-27-2014

A shaky win for the battered high-speed rail plan

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-27-2014

Marin housing plan paves way for apartments

Marin Independent Journal, 7-27-2014

How big cities that restrict new housing harm the economy

Washington Post, 7-25-2014

Gasoline prices falling in California, across nation

Los Angeles Times, 7-25-2014

Outlook ‘gloomy’ for San Francisco’s 10K new affordable housing goal, report says

San Francisco Business Times, 7-25-2014

S.F. Bike Path proposal seeks Safer Waterfront Ride

San Francisco Business Times, 7-25-2014

Coping with the throngs on S.F.'s beloved Embarcadero

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-25-2014

Mapping the Spread of Drought Across the U.S.

New York Times, 7-24-2014

California climate change policies to hit pocketbooks

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-24-2014

Marin's war on potholes: County launches road repair program

Marin Independent Journal, 7-24-2014

Editorial: Editorial: TAM should get specific about new tax

Marin Independent Journal, 7-23-2014

South San Francisco lays out plan to revitalize downtown

San Francisco Examiner, 7-23-2014

Poll: Californians support global warming rules - unless gas prices rise

Sacramento Bee, 7-23-2014

California High-Speed Rail: 10 Readers With 10 Views

The Atlantic, 7-22-2014

Berry Street Bridge concerns dominate mayor’s forum

Weekly Calistogan, 7-22-2014

Protected Bike Lanes Grow in CA as Cities Face Down Old Concerns

Streetsblog, 7-21-2014

Congress Could Delay Bay Area Transportation Planning By Holding Up Federal Funds

KCBS, 7-21-2014

With SMART coming, San Rafael transit hub to face 'jigsaw puzzle' of complications

Marin Independent Journal, 7-21-2014

NCTPA approves operating contract extension, may look to increase fares in 2015

Napa Valley Register, 7-20-2014

Editorial: Highway Trust Fund could be heading into bankruptcy

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-20-2014

Survey shows many Marin workers have long commutes, solutions vary

Marin Independent Journal, 7-20-2014

Bikeway to boost Embarcadero safety

SF Bay, 7-20-2014

Inside Treasure Island's transportation transformation

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-19-2014

Cap-and-trade could aid preservation of California farmland

Sacramento Bee, 7-19-2014

California bullet train: Interest from private investors revives shaky funding plan

Inside Bay Area, 7-18-2014

Editorial: Marin Voice: Improvements pave way for more bike commuters

Marin Independent Journal, 7-18-2014

El Cerrito planners back guidelines for denser development on San Pablo Avenue

San Jose Mercury News, 7-18-2014

Climate Scientists See 'Very Rapid Declines' in Annual NOAA Report

NBC News, 7-17-2014

In Post-Recession Era, Young Adults Drive Continuing Rise in Multi-Generational Living

Pew Research, 7-17-2014

Obama hits road for transportation funding push

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-17-2014

Caltrans Says Projects Won't Continue For Long Without Federal Funding

Capital Public Radio, 7-17-2014

San Francisco's Population Boom and How It Impacts You

SFist, 7-17-2014

To End California's Drought, More Than 1 Foot of Rain Needs to Fall in a Month

CityLab, 7-17-2014

Housing's 30-Percent-of-Income Rule Is Nearly Useless

Businessweek, 7-17-2014

Obama promotes public-private partnerships for highway funding

PBS NewsHour, 7-17-2014

SF defiant over State Lands Commission lawsuit against Prop. B

San Francisco Examiner, 7-16-2014

Bike-sharing's big problem: missing bikes

Marketplace, 7-16-2014

White House Unveils Climate Change Initiatives

New York Times, 7-16-2014

House Passes Interim Fix for Highway Trust Fund

New York Times, 7-15-2014

Muni opposition hinders bus rapid transit

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-15-2014

Bikeway planned to increase safety along San Francisco’s dangerous Embarcadero

San Francisco Business Times, 7-15-2014

Fremont to Double its Publicly Accessible EV Charging Infrastructure

Tri-City Voice, 7-15-2014

Tech Boom Spurs Changes in West Oakland

KQED, 7-15-2014

Drive to clean up S.F. freeway, construction air pollution

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-15-2014

House passes short-term fix for highways as deadline nears

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-15-2014

Editorial: Highways Need a Higher Gas Tax

New York Times, 7-15-2014

Muni agreement would expand light rail fleet for future demand

San Francisco Examiner, 7-15-2014

SFMTA Approves Higher Fees For Google, Tech Buses

Bay City News, 7-15-2014

Marin transportation survey: 101 a mess, sales tax acceptable

Marin Independent Journal, 7-15-2014

Oakland's "worst street" finally to be repaved

Oakland Tribune, 7-14-2014

San Francisco to Study Lowering Speed Limit to 20 mph

KQED, 7-14-2014

7 Ways in Which High-Speed Rail Would Help California, According to Its Chairman

The Atlantic, 7-14-2014

Editorial: How California can best fight climate change

Los Angeles Times, 7-14-2014

California High-Speed Rail No. 3—Let's Hear From the Chairman

The Atlantic, 7-14-2014

Governors Slam Inaction on Highway Funding

Wall Street Journal, 7-13-2014

Democratic bill would slow California's effort to curb climate change

Los Angeles Times, 7-13-2014

Bay Area carpoolers must use FasTrak in express lanes under new law

San Jose Mercury News, 7-11-2014

California High-Speed Rail—the Critics' Case

The Atlantic, 7-11-2014

$30 million trail planned to improve access to Bay Bridge Trail

Contra Costa Times, 7-11-2014

China and U.S. Sign Pacts on Climate Change

National Geographic, 7-10-2014

SF grand jury looks into feasibility of mayor’s 30,000-unit housing goal

San Francisco Examiner, 7-10-2014

Exclusive: Coastal flooding has surged in U.S., Reuters finds

Reuters, 7-10-2014

Marsh Once More: The Bay Trail Takes Off at Hamilton Airfield

Bay Nature, 7-10-2014

Density is Key to Fighting Climate Change, Rules Bay Area Judge

Planetizen, 7-9-2014

Sonoma County's electric-car infusion

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7-9-2014

Bay Area governments make big electric-vehicle purchase

San Mateo Daily Journal, 7-9-2014

How Technology Can Stretch Infrastructure Dollars

Governing, 7-9-2014

Strong infrastructure draws big ships to Pacific ports

JOC, 7-9-2014

City Bike-Sharing Programs Hit Speed Bumps

Wall Street Journal, 7-9-2014

Plan Bay Area beats back legal challenges

San Francisco Business Times, 7-9-2014

The California High-Speed Rail Debate—Kicking Things Off

The Atlantic, 7-9-2014

As Highway Trust Fund Dries Up, Lawmakers Clash Over How To Restore It

Capital Public Radio, 7-9-2014

California has world’s eighth-largest economy, beating Russia, Italy

The Sacramento Bee, 7-8-2014

Bay Area governments buy nearly 100 electric vehicles with MTC grant

San Jose Mercury News, 7-8-2014

With Highway Trust Fund on brink, Obama pushes for bold GROW AMERICA plan

Examiner, 7-8-2014

Fleet of plug-in cars rolls out to Bay Area governments

Contra Costa Times, 7-8-2014

Bay Area Governments Band Together to Buy Electric Vehicles

KRON, 7-8-2014

Golden Gate Called Cash Cow for Xerox

Courthouse News, 7-8-2014

Challenge struck down to Bay Area regional growth plan

Contra Costa Times, 7-8-2014

Solano County, cities face long road to better streets

The Daily Republic, 7-8-2014

Alameda County transportation sales tax back for a vote

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-8-2014

Muni union vote on contract delayed a week

San Francisco Examiner, 7-8-2014

Gas prices expected to hold steady over summer

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7-8-2014

Treasure Island plan gets boost from state appeals court

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-8-2014

Alameda County will ask voters to double the existing sales tax for transportation projects

Contra Costa Times, 7-8-2014

Bay Area governments make big electric-vehicle buy

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7-8-2014

BART helps S.F. function, time to share some funding

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-7-2014

New apartment project approved near future Milpitas BART station

San Jose Mercury News, 7-7-2014

Marin Voice: Actual numbers show bike program yielded modest results

Marin Independent Journal, 7-7-2014

BART to Silicon Valley could be delayed following Milpitas ruling

San Jose Mercury News, 7-7-2014

San Francisco works to improve pedestrian safety

The Sacramento Bee, 7-6-2014

Internal Affairs: Driving force in light rail to step out of spotlight

San Jose Mercury News, 7-6-2014

Dick Spotswood: Kinsey leads Marin contingent for opening Richmond bridge lane

Marin Independent Journal, 7-5-2014

Sunday Free Parking Returns to San Francisco in Most Areas

NBC Bay Area, 7-5-2014

Grand jury report faults SMART oversight

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7-5-2014

Golden Gate Bridge anti-suicide net will save lives

Marin Independent Journal, 7-5-2014

Upfront: Stopped dead in its tracks

Pacific Sun, 7-4-2014

A Transit Rider’s Guide to Bay Area Hikes

KQED News, 7-3-2014

San Francisco Spars with Developers over New Parking Apps

Government Technology, 7-3-2014

3 Cities Where Mobile Apps Are Changing Parking

Government Technology, 7-3-2014

California Democrat introduces bill to delay cap-and-trade expansion

Reuters, 7-3-2014

Tesla Motors on a mission to hire American veterans

Contra Costa Times, 7-3-2014

Judge rejects challenge to Bay Area land-use, transit plan

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-3-2014

Conservative group disputes transportation funding outlook

The Hill, 7-2-2014

Muni tentative labor contract details disclosed, up for union vote

San Francisco Examiner, 7-1-2014

Obama Administration Plans To Dramatically Alter Transportation Funding For States

The Huffington Post, 7-1-2014

Housing: Small Economic Sector With a Big Impact

The New York Times, 7-1-2014

Fare increases, free Sunday parking take effect this week

San Francisco Examiner, 7-1-2014

Where More People Are Living in High-Poverty Areas

Governing, 7-1-2014