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How Cap-and-Trade Is Working in California

Wall Street Journal, 10-28-2014

Brown signs plastic bag ban, dozens more bills

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-1-2014

Latest defect: Bay Bridge tower rods sitting in water

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-1-2014


Hope for late-night transit dawns; BART to roll out test project

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-30-2014

Caltrans: Bay Bridge water woes continue; more rods will be tested

Contra Costa Times, 9-30-2014

California artists to get pieces of old Bay Bridge to work with

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-30-2014

College students, veterans to get free rides on Sonoma County buses

Press Democrat, 9-30-2014

Gov. Brown signs bill easing pressure for dense development in Marin

Marin Independent Journal, 9-30-2014

New law could benefit Napa redevelopment

Napa Valley Register, 9-30-2014

Bay Bridge Steel Rods Are Sound, Final Tests Confirm

NBC Bay Area, 9-30-2014

New complaints about ride sharing

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-29-2014

SFMTA hearing to address near-term service response before new light-rail cars arrive

San Francisco Examiner, 9-29-2014

Editorial: Viewpoints: Here’s a better high-speed rail plan that California can afford

Sacramento Bee, 9-29-2014

Uber CEO tells U.S. mayors in Sacramento: Get on board or get out of the way

San Francisco Business Times, 9-29-2014

Editorial: They have the cash; make them spend it

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-29-2014

Spending soars higher on relocation of Bay Bridge’s birds

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-29-2014

Editorial: Editorial: Ferry strike a heavy-handed labor tactic

Marin Independent Journal, 9-29-2014

Bay Bridge officials concerned about rod corrosion

Contra Costa Times, 9-29-2014

Home California Drought Story California's drought linked to greenhouse gases, climate change in Stanford study

San Jose Mercury News, 9-29-2014

Bay Bridge officials concerned about rod corrosion

The Daily Journal, 9-27-2014

Caltrans orders Bay Bridge anchor rods checked for rust

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-27-2014

Editorial: Don't let Richmond bridge bike plan slow down re-opening lane

Marin Independent Journal, 9-27-2014

Corrosion feared as water leaks into Bay Bridge’s new span

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-26-2014

Golden Gate Ferry captains to strike Friday

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-26-2014

Santa Clara VTA receives $8 million for double-track project

Progressive Railroading, 9-26-2014

Golden Gate Ferry workers on strike, no service out of Marin

Marin Independent Journal, 9-26-2014

Gas prices head below $3 in much of U.S. -- but not California

Contra Costa Times, 9-26-2014

Old Bay Bridge undergoing a slow vanishing act

KTVU, 9-26-2014

Oakland Gets $3.2 Million Grant For Bike Bridge Connecting Lake Merritt to Bay Trail

East Bay Express, 9-26-2014

Council backs big El Camino Real plans

Mountain View Voice, 9-26-2014

Golden Gate Ferry strike forces thousands to find another way to work

Marin Independent Journal, 9-26-2014

S.F., L.A. threaten Uber, Lyft, Sidecar with legal action

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-26-2014

Golden Gate Transit bus service hobbled amid ferry strike

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-26-2014

Bay Bridge officials concerned about rod corrosion

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-26-2014

Sonoma County Strengthens Commitment to CNG with New Fleet

Metro Magazine, 9-25-2014

Larkspur approves street rehab project

Twin Cities Times, 9-25-2014

How Transbay Transit Center deal’s collapse would alter S.F.

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-25-2014

Cal Trans says Bay Bridge demolition still on schedule

KTVU, 9-25-2014

Editorial: Guest Opinion: Finding balance in a new world

Palo Alto Online, 9-25-2014

Corte Madera residents opposed to use of Corte Madera cinema as site for 31 homes

Marin Independent Journal, 9-24-2014

Albany begins new study of housing issue

Contra Costa Times, 9-24-2014

No Drama for Housing Element

Lamorinda Weekly, 9-24-2014

Editorial: Letter: Transit-oriented development

The Daily Journal, 9-23-2014

S.F. taxi owners, cabbies join forces against Uber, Lyft, others

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-23-2014

Gov. Brown signs bill creating database for sea-level rise reporting

San Francisco Examiner, 9-23-2014

UN to leaders: Set 'new course' on climate change

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-23-2014

Carma app offers rebate for carpoolers on Bay Bridge

San Francisco Examiner, 9-23-2014

Transbay Transit Center’s future in doubt after deal falls apart

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-23-2014

The Big Bike Dilemma: The Bike-Share Supply Chain Breaks Down

SF Weekly, 9-23-2014

A California Dream: Not Having to Settle for Just One Bedroom

New York TImes, 9-23-2014

Plan seeks to encourage alternative energy while protecting environment

Los Angeles Times, 9-23-2014

Jerry Brown calls for ‘more ambitious’ climate change action at U.N.

Sacramento Bee, 9-23-2014

Plan to disburse climate change funds challenged by Bay Area officials

Los Angeles Times, 9-23-2014

Editorial: Does agency really want public input?

Half Moon Bay Review, 9-23-2014

Editorial: Marin Voice: Why we need to keep speaking out on housing plan

Marin Independent Journal, 9-23-2014

SMART platform designs generate little fanfare

Press Democrat, 9-23-2014

Jerry Brown signs bill for bike lane fee

Sacramento Bee, 9-22-2014

The road to cleaner air

Pleasanton Weekly, 9-22-2014

Group: Stop California's 'hidden gas tax'

San Francisco Business Times, 9-22-2014

Testing Future Conditions for the Food Chain

New York TImes, 9-22-2014

If So Many People Support Mass Transit, Why Do So Few Ride?

CityLab, 9-22-2014

Uncertainty over deal for developer funding of Caltrain extension

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-22-2014

Editorial: Contra Costa Times editorial: Climate summit deal will be tough, but it is reachable

Contra Costa Times, 9-22-2014

Are we at the tipping point on climate-change politics?

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-22-2014

Trapped on Treasure Island, part two: Treasure Island is a big bowl of jello

BayView, 9-21-2014

Jerry Brown Seeks More Electric Cars in California

New York TImes, 9-21-2014

Global Rise Reported in 2013 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

New York TImes, 9-21-2014

Taking a Call for Climate Change to the Streets

New York TImes, 9-21-2014

S.F. gives unwarranted tax break to developers

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-21-2014

Richmond Bridge third lane proposal inches forward

Marin Independent Journal, 9-21-2014

A hidden gas tax?

San Jose Mercury News, 9-21-2014

A group's opposition to a possible gas tax increase gets no traction

Los Angeles Times, 9-21-2014

Brown signs several clean-air vehicle bills

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-21-2014

Mayor signs deal for new fleet of Muni Metro railcars

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-20-2014

Orinda City Council candidates: Growth a key concern

San Jose Mercury News, 9-20-2014

Fremont's imaginative planning puts S.F.'s to shame

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-20-2014

Editorial: Marin Voice: Marin sustainability plan pushes housing densities

Marin Independent Journal, 9-20-2014

Editorial: Marin Voice: Five reasons the county should start over on housing plan

Marin Independent Journal, 9-19-2014

Transit-riding Bay Area workers to reap financial benefits from new anti-pollution rule

San Jose Mercury News, 9-19-2014

Tales From the Brink: An Oral History of the Loma Prieta Earthquake

San Francisco magazine, 9-19-2014

Millennials Love Transit Most, Boomers Still Stuck on Cars

CityLab, 9-18-2014

SMART survey indicates strong interest in train service

Marin Independent Journal, 9-18-2014

New Tool Maps Bay Area’s Expensive, Unused Parking

Next City, 9-18-2014

Editorial: Viewpoints: Cities need a new, improved redevelopment tool

Sacramento Bee, 9-18-2014

SFMTA board approves contract for Mission Bay loop project

San Francisco Examiner, 9-18-2014

A System to Cut City Traffic That Just Might Work

Wired, 9-17-2014

Mom's tragic warning about train-track safety

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-17-2014

Jerry Brown signs ride-sharing insurance bill

Sacramento Bee, 9-17-2014

U.S. Moves to Reduce Global Warming Emissions

New York Times, 9-16-2014

Editorial: Bridge the housing-Muni divide

San Francisco Bay Guardian, 9-16-2014

Housing Solution: Allow Denser Housing in Exchange for Affordable Units

San Francisco Public Press, 9-16-2014

Three-foot buffer law for cyclists now in effect

Sacramento Bee, 9-16-2014

Ditching cars for buses, bikes best way to cut city pollution : study

Reuters, 9-16-2014

Bill aims to change red lights to green

U-T San Diego, 9-16-2014

Self-Driving Cars Now Need a Permit in California

ABC News, 9-16-2014

Fixing Climate Change May Add No Costs, Report Says

New York Times, 9-16-2014

Report says SF taxis suffering greatly

San Francisco Examiner, 9-16-2014

Mayor Lee rides crowded Muni train downtown with the masses

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-16-2014

Testing the new buffer zone for bicyclists

San Jose Mercury News, 9-16-2014

Ride services decimate S.F. taxi industry's business

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-16-2014

Google's driverless cars future at odds with automakers

Daily Herald, 9-15-2014

Poll: 68 percent want more transit spending

The Hill, 9-15-2014

State says drivers must give bicyclists 3-foot safety cushion

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-15-2014

S.F. weighs campaign to keep cars from clogging intersections

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-15-2014

Editorial: Viewpoints: Campaign against gas tax is foolhardy

Sacramento Bee, 9-15-2014

Chicago transit system dysfunctional, 'depressing': international study

Chicago Tribune, 9-15-2014

Editorial: Marin Voice: Breaking through Marin's housing gridlock

Marin Independent Journal, 9-15-2014

Golden Gate Bridge union calls one-day strike, no impact on commute

Marin Independent Journal, 9-15-2014

The case for walking or cycling (or taking the train) to work

Wahington Post, 9-15-2014

National association may help Bay Area Bike Share

San Francisco Examiner, 9-15-2014

Golden Gate Bridge workers set to strike over health care costs

San Francisco Examiner, 9-15-2014

Three-foot separation rule to protect cyclists goes into place in Marin, state

Marin Independent Journal, 9-14-2014

Commuters can have a say on BART service

San Francisco Examiner, 9-14-2014

Caltrain begins collecting public feedback on modernizing car interiors

San Francisco Examiner, 9-14-2014

Trading Parking Lots for Affordable Housing

New York Times, 9-14-2014

Sun and Wind Alter Global Landscape, Leaving Utilities Behind

New York Times, 9-13-2014

Oakland's Lake Merritt drawing new residents, pushing up rents

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-12-2014

BART plans late night bus service to carry passengers after trains stop

Contra Costa Times, 9-12-2014

Longtime California legislator John Foran dies

Sacramento Bee, 9-12-2014

Top Bay Area Bridges, Ranked

7x7 Magazine, 9-11-2014

Report: Bay Area's poor roads cost drivers big

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-11-2014

Bad roads, congested commutes cost state drivers $44 billion a year, report says

San Jose Mercury News, 9-11-2014

Sonoma County's bike lockers a benefit or boondoggle?

Press Democrat, 9-11-2014

Report: BART needs changes to avoid strikes

Contra Costa Times, 9-11-2014

Marin, California roads need more money for mending, report finds

Marin Independent Journal, 9-11-2014

Audit finds flaws in state affordable housing spending

Los Angeles Times, 9-11-2014

Why Nature Needs Cities

Huffington Post, 9-11-2014

S.F.'s uncommon areas: Plazas created from scraps of urban land

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-10-2014

New Bay Bridge receives top marks for withstanding Napa quake

ABC 7 News, 9-10-2014

UC to invest $1 billion to tackle climate change

San Francisco Business Times, 9-10-2014

Editorial: AB 32: Resist attempts to undercut California's landmark clean energy law

San Jose Mercury News, 9-10-2014

Phil Matier: BART Commuters Dealing With Increasingly Packed Trains

CBS San Francisco, 9-10-2014

BART trains shorter, more crowded

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-10-2014

S.F. cuts deal with downtown property owners on tax district

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-10-2014

New census figures show SF, Bay Area emigration patterns

San Francisco Examiner, 9-10-2014

Report: Bad blood, bad decisions precipitated BART strike

San Francisco Examiner, 9-10-2014

SMART loses out on federal grant for Larkspur extension

Press Democrat, 9-10-2014

Muni Tests New App to Pay Fares

7x7 Magazine, 9-9-2014

Before learning to drive, cars learn to park themselves

San Jose Mercury News, 9-9-2014

Phil Matier: San Francisco Developers Renege On Paying Special Tax For Transbay Terminal, Caltrain Extension

CBS San Francisco, 9-9-2014

The U.S. May Not Be Leading on Climate, but California Is

Bloomberg Businessweek, 9-9-2014

Santa Rosa Likely to Win $8.2M Grant to Build Bridge Over Railway

ENR California, 9-9-2014

U.N. climate agency reports carbon dioxide growing at alarming rate

Los Angeles Times, 9-9-2014

STA looks at Green Valley traffic delays

Daily Republic, 9-9-2014

Cost of Bay Bridge demolition rises amid complication

San Jose Mercury News, 9-9-2014

Northern California sees another month of double-digit gas price declines

Sacramento Bee, 9-9-2014

BART advised to start talks earlier, avoid abrasive negotiators

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-9-2014

Bicycle-sharing coming to San Diego, but it won’t be cheap

San Diego Entertainer Magazine, 9-9-2014

Caltrain to buy 16 new cars to ease overcrowded trains

San Francisco Business Times, 9-8-2014

Open space is a key feature of future Central Subway station

San Francisco Examiner, 9-8-2014

Bay Area commuters struggling through heavier traffic

KTVU, 9-8-2014

Hercules/Richmond: West County workshops scheduled to hear transportation priorities

Contra Costa Times, 9-8-2014

Metering lights debut this week in Sonoma County

Press Democrat, 9-8-2014

Downtown S.F. developers prepared to sue city over tax district

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-8-2014

S.F. supervisor seeks to phase out fleet, use car sharing

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-8-2014

They Built It. People Came. Now They Go.

New York Times, 9-8-2014

Golden Gate Bridge Tourism Becomes Urgent Traffic Matter

CBS San Francisco, 9-8-2014

Half of North American bird species threatened by climate change

Los Angeles Times, 9-8-2014

California charges ahead with electric vehicles

San Jose Mercury News, 9-8-2014

Editorial: 2nd Transbay Tube needed to help keep BART on track

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-7-2014

Conservation groups snapped up large swaths of Sierra Nevada during recession

Sacramento Bee, 9-7-2014

California's 3-foot rule for cars passing bikes to take effect

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-7-2014

Vintners want to raise development fees to support affordable housing

Napa Valley Register, 9-7-2014

Miles driven tax could replace gas tax

U-T San Diego, 9-7-2014

Upfront: Ten houses gone

Pacific Sun, 9-6-2014

California High-Speed Rail No. 11: Thinking in Time

The Atlantic, 9-5-2014

Muni to test smart-phone app for some fares

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-5-2014

4 of 11 Golden Gate Bridge toll booths being removed

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-5-2014

El Cerrito's plan for San Pablo Avenue moves toward final vote

San Jose Mercury News, 9-5-2014

The Most Important Transportation Innovation of the Decade Is the Smartphone

CityLab, 9-4-2014

Supervisors committee approves $1.2B contract for new Muni light-rail vehicles

San Francisco Examiner, 9-4-2014

'Absolutely Terrible:' Bay Area Commutes Becoming Nearly Impossible

One News Page, 9-4-2014

San Francisco's Public Transit Agency Is In Talks to Build A Smartphone Ticketing App

Business Insider, 9-4-2014

Expanded routes for Clipper card users

Marinscope, 9-4-2014

China Just Got Serious About Global Warming. Now We're Really Out of Excuses.

Mother Jones, 9-4-2014

New California cycling law goes into effect

Sacramento Bee, 9-3-2014

Expanded water taxi service expected with more development

San Francisco Examiner, 9-3-2014

Saratoga draft housing element is approved for state to review

San Jose Mercury News, 9-3-2014

Sonoma tackles affordable housing

Press Democrat, 9-3-2014

Draft designs for SMART stations called 'ridiculous' by San Rafael officials

Marin Independent Journal, 9-3-2014

Jameson canyon finished product gets thumbs up from government leaders

Contra Costa Times, 9-3-2014

Clean team, loitering crackdown help make BART stations spiffier

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-2-2014

Caltrain grapples with ridership surge in S.F., Peninsula

San Francisco Business Times, 9-2-2014

Presidio Parkway project moving along, slated for 2015 opening

Marin Independent Journal, 9-2-2014

Hyperlapse Videos Capture the Beauty of Transit Around the World

CityLab, 9-2-2014

San Bruno to decide on height limits: Some argue change will revitalize city, others believe it’s not a smart idea

San Mateo Daily Journal, 9-2-2014

On-demand services top S.F. taxis in arrival times, study says

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-2-2014

Officials Try To Lure Birds Away From Blast Site

National Public Radio, 9-2-2014

California bullet train foes ask state's highest court for help

San Jose Mercury News, 9-2-2014

Editorial: Why tech will back S.F. minimum-wage hike

San Francisco Examiner, 9-2-2014

Local About The Bay: More Workers Means The Worst Commute In Bay Area History

CBS San Francisco, 9-2-2014

U.S. unprepared for housing needs of aging population

Harvard Gazette, 9-2-2014

Survey: Marin biking outpaces rest of state

Marin Independent Journal, 9-1-2014

New state bike law require 3-foot buffer between cyclists, vehicles

Los Angeles Daily News, 9-1-2014

Thousands of Bay Area apartment houses need a quake fix

Contra Costa Times, 9-1-2014