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JULY 2014

South San Francisco lays out plan to revitalize downtown

San Francisco Examiner, 7-23-2014

Berry Street Bridge concerns dominate mayor’s forum

Weekly Calistogan, 7-22-2014

Congress Could Delay Bay Area Transportation Planning By Holding Up Federal Funds

KCBS, 7-21-2014

With SMART coming, San Rafael transit hub to face 'jigsaw puzzle' of complications

Marin Independent Journal, 7-21-2014

Survey shows many Marin workers have long commutes, solutions vary

Marin Independent Journal, 7-20-2014

NCTPA approves operating contract extension, may look to increase fares in 2015

Napa Valley Register, 7-20-2014

Bikeway to boost Embarcadero safety

SF Bay, 7-20-2014

Editorial: Highway Trust Fund could be heading into bankruptcy

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-20-2014

Inside Treasure Island's transportation transformation

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-19-2014

Editorial: Marin Voice: Improvements pave way for more bike commuters

Marin Independent Journal, 7-18-2014

California bullet train: Interest from private investors revives shaky funding plan

Inside Bay Area, 7-18-2014

Climate Scientists See 'Very Rapid Declines' in Annual NOAA Report

NBC News, 7-17-2014

Caltrans Says Projects Won't Continue For Long Without Federal Funding

Capital Public Radio, 7-17-2014

San Francisco's Population Boom and How It Impacts You

SFist, 7-17-2014

To End California's Drought, More Than 1 Foot of Rain Needs to Fall in a Month

CityLab, 7-17-2014

Obama hits road for transportation funding push

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-17-2014

Obama promotes public-private partnerships for highway funding

PBS NewsHour, 7-17-2014

SF defiant over State Lands Commission lawsuit against Prop. B

San Francisco Examiner, 7-16-2014

White House Unveils Climate Change Initiatives

New York Times, 7-16-2014

Bike-sharing's big problem: missing bikes

Marketplace, 7-16-2014

Editorial: Highways Need a Higher Gas Tax

New York Times, 7-15-2014

House Passes Interim Fix for Highway Trust Fund

New York Times, 7-15-2014

Bikeway planned to increase safety along San Francisco’s dangerous Embarcadero

San Francisco Business Times, 7-15-2014

Tech Boom Spurs Changes in West Oakland

KQED, 7-15-2014

SFMTA Approves Higher Fees For Google, Tech Buses

Bay City News, 7-15-2014

Muni opposition hinders bus rapid transit

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-15-2014

Fremont to Double its Publicly Accessible EV Charging Infrastructure

Tri-City Voice, 7-15-2014

Muni agreement would expand light rail fleet for future demand

San Francisco Examiner, 7-15-2014

Drive to clean up S.F. freeway, construction air pollution

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-15-2014

House passes short-term fix for highways as deadline nears

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-15-2014

Marin transportation survey: 101 a mess, sales tax acceptable

Marin Independent Journal, 7-15-2014

Oakland's "worst street" finally to be repaved

Oakland Tribune, 7-14-2014

San Francisco to Study Lowering Speed Limit to 20 mph

KQED, 7-14-2014

7 Ways in Which High-Speed Rail Would Help California, According to Its Chairman

The Atlantic, 7-14-2014

Editorial: How California can best fight climate change

Los Angeles Times, 7-14-2014

Governors Slam Inaction on Highway Funding

Wall Street Journal, 7-13-2014

Democratic bill would slow California's effort to curb climate change

Los Angeles Times, 7-13-2014

$30 million trail planned to improve access to Bay Bridge Trail

Contra Costa Times, 7-11-2014

Bay Area carpoolers must use FasTrak in express lanes under new law

San Jose Mercury News, 7-11-2014

California High-Speed Rail—the Critics' Case

The Atlantic, 7-11-2014

SF grand jury looks into feasibility of mayor’s 30,000-unit housing goal

San Francisco Examiner, 7-10-2014

China and U.S. Sign Pacts on Climate Change

National Geographic, 7-10-2014

Exclusive: Coastal flooding has surged in U.S., Reuters finds

Reuters, 7-10-2014

Marsh Once More: The Bay Trail Takes Off at Hamilton Airfield

Bay Nature, 7-10-2014

Sonoma County's electric-car infusion

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7-9-2014

Bay Area governments make big electric-vehicle purchase

San Mateo Daily Journal, 7-9-2014

How Technology Can Stretch Infrastructure Dollars

Governing, 7-9-2014

Density is Key to Fighting Climate Change, Rules Bay Area Judge

Planetizen, 7-9-2014

Strong infrastructure draws big ships to Pacific ports

JOC, 7-9-2014

As Highway Trust Fund Dries Up, Lawmakers Clash Over How To Restore It

Capital Public Radio, 7-9-2014

City Bike-Sharing Programs Hit Speed Bumps

Wall Street Journal, 7-9-2014

Plan Bay Area beats back legal challenges

San Francisco Business Times, 7-9-2014

The California High-Speed Rail Debate—Kicking Things Off

The Atlantic, 7-9-2014

Bay Area governments buy nearly 100 electric vehicles with MTC grant

San Jose Mercury News, 7-8-2014

Fleet of plug-in cars rolls out to Bay Area governments

Contra Costa Times, 7-8-2014

Bay Area Governments Band Together to Buy Electric Vehicles

KRON, 7-8-2014

Challenge struck down to Bay Area regional growth plan

Contra Costa Times, 7-8-2014

Solano County, cities face long road to better streets

The Daily Republic, 7-8-2014

California has world’s eighth-largest economy, beating Russia, Italy

The Sacramento Bee, 7-8-2014

Golden Gate Called Cash Cow for Xerox

Courthouse News, 7-8-2014

Muni union vote on contract delayed a week

San Francisco Examiner, 7-8-2014

Gas prices expected to hold steady over summer

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7-8-2014

Bay Area governments make big electric-vehicle buy

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7-8-2014

Treasure Island plan gets boost from state appeals court

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-8-2014

Alameda County will ask voters to double the existing sales tax for transportation projects

Contra Costa Times, 7-8-2014

Alameda County transportation sales tax back for a vote

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-8-2014

With Highway Trust Fund on brink, Obama pushes for bold GROW AMERICA plan

Examiner, 7-8-2014

BART helps S.F. function, time to share some funding

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-7-2014

New apartment project approved near future Milpitas BART station

San Jose Mercury News, 7-7-2014

Marin Voice: Actual numbers show bike program yielded modest results

Marin Independent Journal, 7-7-2014

BART to Silicon Valley could be delayed following Milpitas ruling

San Jose Mercury News, 7-7-2014

Internal Affairs: Driving force in light rail to step out of spotlight

San Jose Mercury News, 7-6-2014

San Francisco works to improve pedestrian safety

The Sacramento Bee, 7-6-2014

Grand jury report faults SMART oversight

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7-5-2014

Golden Gate Bridge anti-suicide net will save lives

Marin Independent Journal, 7-5-2014

Dick Spotswood: Kinsey leads Marin contingent for opening Richmond bridge lane

Marin Independent Journal, 7-5-2014

Sunday Free Parking Returns to San Francisco in Most Areas

NBC Bay Area, 7-5-2014

Upfront: Stopped dead in its tracks

Pacific Sun, 7-4-2014

San Francisco Spars with Developers over New Parking Apps

Government Technology, 7-3-2014

3 Cities Where Mobile Apps Are Changing Parking

Government Technology, 7-3-2014

Judge rejects challenge to Bay Area land-use, transit plan

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-3-2014

A Transit Rider’s Guide to Bay Area Hikes

KQED News, 7-3-2014

California Democrat introduces bill to delay cap-and-trade expansion

Reuters, 7-3-2014

Tesla Motors on a mission to hire American veterans

Contra Costa Times, 7-3-2014

Conservative group disputes transportation funding outlook

The Hill, 7-2-2014

Fare increases, free Sunday parking take effect this week

San Francisco Examiner, 7-1-2014

Housing: Small Economic Sector With a Big Impact

The New York Times, 7-1-2014

Muni tentative labor contract details disclosed, up for union vote

San Francisco Examiner, 7-1-2014

Where More People Are Living in High-Poverty Areas

Governing, 7-1-2014

Obama Administration Plans To Dramatically Alter Transportation Funding For States

The Huffington Post, 7-1-2014

JUNE 2014

Editorial: Larkspur's vote doesn't solve problems

Marin Independent Journal, 6-30-2014


San Mateo Daily Journal, 6-30-2014

Tentative agreement reached in new Muni pact

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-30-2014

Industry groups stir opposition to a cap-and-trade expansion they say will lead to higher gas prices

The Sacramento Bee, 6-30-2014

Supreme Court won't hear dispute over California fuel standard

San Jose Mercury News, 6-30-2014

Marin population growth rebounding

Marin Independent Journal, 6-30-2014

Agencies Overseeing Plan Bay Area settle lawsuit

Marin Independent Journal, 6-30-2014

Feds hail Marin's $28 million bike path program

Marin Independent Journal, 6-30-2014

California low-carbon rule survives big legal challenge

The Sacramento Bee, 6-30-2014

Genentech shuttle drivers take course on how to safely navigate streets with bicyclists

San Francisco Examiner, 6-30-2014

San Rafael Transit Center to get security cameras

Marin Independent Journal, 6-30-2014

California Cities Crack Down on Water Use

The Wall Street Journal, 6-30-2014

Oakland considers how to spend $29 million windfall

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-30-2014

Oakland’s median sale price up 121% in the last four years

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-30-2014

Golden Gate Transit Fares Going Up

CBS San Francisco, 6-30-2014

Officials: Funds drying up for North Bay transportation solutions

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 6-30-2014

Marin census data show population growth rebounding

Marin Independent Journal, 6-30-2014

AC Transit eliminates transfers, offers $5 day pass instead

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-29-2014

Editorial: Two-and-a-half years, this issue is even more clear: Is the bridge safe

The Sacramento Bee, 6-29-2014

California earmarks a quarter of its cap-and-trade riches for environmental justice

McClatchy DC, 6-29-2014

Golden Gate Bridge board OKs $76 million for suicide barrier

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-28-2014

Agencies overseeing Plan Bay Area settle lawsuit

Marin Independent Journal, 6-28-2014

Editorial: Larkspur's vote doesn't solve the problems

Marin Independent Journal, 6-28-2014

Marin Voice: Fairfax referendum not holding up senior housing plan

Marin Independent Journal, 6-28-2014

Bay Area officials approve suicide-prevention nets for Golden Gate Bridge

The Los Angeles Times, 6-28-2014

Marin IJ Readers' Forum

Marin Independent Journal, 6-27-2014

Shakedown on the bridge

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-27-2014

Test drive an electric car in Berkeley on Saturday

Contra Costa Times, 6-27-2014

Next leg of California bullet-train line approved

U-T San Diego, 6-27-2014

Golden Gate Bridge board approves funding for suicide barrier

Marin Independent Journal, 6-27-2014

Editorial: Troubling list of Bay Bridge issues raise questions about spans integrity

Marin Independent Journal, 6-27-2014

Bike share program expands horizons

San Jose Mercury News, 6-26-2014

Bike stolen in Marin? You might find it here

Marin Independent Journal, 6-26-2014

Officials break ground on key Vallejo transit hub

Vallejo Times Herald, 6-26-2014

New Bay Trail section opens in Novato's Hamilton Field

Marin Independent Journal, 6-26-2014

Drivers to try out Electric Cars at East Bay event

KTVU, 6-26-2014

Fairfiled OKs Consultant for Downtown Plan

Daily Republic, 6-26-2014

Does San Francisco's Smart Parking System Reduce Cruising for a Space?

The Atlantic Citylab, 6-25-2014

Editorial: Building a healthy living plan for a growing Bay Area

San Francisco Examiner, 6-25-2014

CalTrans seeks public's input on statewide freight mobility plan

KERO Bakersfield, 6-25-2014

Cleaner Trucks, Buses, and Freight Projects Poised for Big Boost in California

The Equation, 6-25-2014

511 Launches New Real-Time Transit Tool

The Herald, 6-24-2014

Conference to call for action to address inevitable sea level rise

San Francisco Examiner, 6-24-2014

Experience An EV In Berkeley This Weekend

Hybrid Cars, 6-24-2014

Berkeley to Host Free Electric Vehicle Test-Drive Event

Fort Mill Times, 6-24-2014

Dick Spotswood: Larkspur's wise to jump off ABAG's bandwagon

Marin Independent Journal, 6-24-2014

Environmentalists Settle Lawsuit on Plan Bay Area

Planetizen, 6-24-2014

Lawsuit contests California's high-speed rail air quality plans

San Jose Mercury News, 6-24-2014

California Drought Turning Central Valley Farmland Into Dust Bowl

KCBS, 6-24-2014

Lawsuit contests high-speed rail air quality plans

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-23-2014

A climate change win

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-23-2014

San Francisco unhappy with new Monkey Parking app

KSBW, 6-23-2014

Settlement Reached on Bay Area Transportation and Housing Plan

Public News Service, 6-23-2014

Golden Gate Bridge officials announce suicide barrier funding package

Marin Independent Journal, 6-23-2014

Do hidden cracks imperil San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge?

Merced Sun-Star, 6-23-2014

Golden Gate Bridge 'suicide net' sparks mixed reaction

KTVU, 6-23-2014

US west coast ports face trade paralysis as unions and operators negotiate

The Guardian, 6-23-2014

New lawsuit in Fresno challenges cap-and-trade money for high-speed rail

The Fresno Bee, 6-23-2014

Bay Area agencies agree to study effects of development

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-21-2014

BART Announces Parking Fees Increas

KRON, 6-20-2014

Environmental groups settle lawsuit against Plan Bay Area

Contra Costa Times, 6-20-2014

As SF tech bus pilot program is pushed back, public invited to weigh in on stops

San Francisco Examiner, 6-20-2014

Nearly 80 Electric Vehicle Charging Ports to be Deployed by Bay Area Climate Collaborative

EIN Presswire, 6-19-2014

A New Bike Lane That Could Save Lives and Make Cycling More Popular

Wired, 6-19-2014

San Leandro Awarded $440,000 Planning Grant for Bayfair Area, 6-19-2014

Cree and Musco Team Up to Transform Lighting of San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Virtual Strategy Magazine, 6-19-2014

Viewpoints: Sticker shock coming at the gas pump

The Sacramento Bee, 6-19-2014

Oakland outpaces S.F. in price increases

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-18-2014

Residents cheer City Council's decision to discontinue Larkspur SMART Station Area Plan

Marin Independent Journal, 6-18-2014

My Word: On Alameda Point development, it's time to challenge City Council

San Jose Mercury News, 6-18-2014

Bay Area's Population Boom is a Bust for Housing Market

NBC Bay Area, 6-18-2014

S.F. Mayor Lee proposes compromise on affordable housing

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-18-2014

City CarShare partners with senior-focused non-profit

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-18-2014

Bay Bridge Light Sculpture: Should it stay or should it go?

KTVU, 6-18-2014

A bump at the pump? Senators propose a 12-cent hike in federal gas tax.

The Washington Post, 6-18-2014

Agenda 21: Global conspiracy or climate savior?

Fortune, 6-18-2014

Lawmakers hopeful about state budget: Education, transportation, housing, climate change addressed

San Mateo Daily Journal, 6-17-2014

Long-term money a big boost for California's high-speed rail

San Jose Mercury News, 6-17-2014

County supervisors advance road repair plan

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 6-17-2014

May housing starts, permits slip more than 6%

USA Today, 6-17-2014

Supervisor Jane Kim seeks affordable housing threshold

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-17-2014

Eight housing markets at all-time highs

USA Today, 6-17-2014

Editorial: Long road grows smoother for East Contra Costa

Contra Costa Times, 6-17-2014

The More Walkable a City Is, the More Money It Makes

Gizmodo, 6-17-2014

The media got it wrong: Bikeshare programs don't increase head injuries

Vox, 6-16-2014

Budget Deal a Shot in the Arm for California Sustainable Communities

NRDC Switchboard, 6-16-2014

Political Blotter: Of Mary Hayashi, high-speed rail and hair

Contra Costa Times, 6-16-2014

San Jose Diridon Area Plan Could Add Parking, Lose Trail, Pass Council Tues.

Streetsblog SF, 6-16-2014

Muni contract talks break down as deadline looms

ABC 7 News, 6-16-2014

SF Central Subway tunnel-boring phase reaches milestone

San Francisco Examiner, 6-16-2014

Polls: Voters likely to approve higher Contra Costa sales tax for transportation

Contra Costa Times, 6-16-2014

Marin Voice: Too many unresolved problems with Larkspur Landing rezoning

Marin Independent Journal, 6-15-2014

Rep. Peter DeFazio: Replace federal gas tax with per-barrel tax on oil companies

The Oregonian, 6-15-2014

Improve America’s infrastructure quickly? Yes, we can

The Hill, 6-13-2014

Electric-bike advances create utilitarian value in hilly Bay Area

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-13-2014

Forty short-term road safety projects puts San Francisco on the road toward zero traffic deaths by 2024

San Francisco Examiner, 6-13-2014

Experience Electric: Free Electric Vehicle Test Drives

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-12-2014

Why Muni can’t find good drivers

San Francisco Examiner, 6-12-2014

Conservatives are from McMansions, liberals are from the city

The Washington Post, 6-12-2014

CPUC Threatens to Shut Down "Rideshare" Companies Operating at Airports

NBC Bay Area, 6-12-2014

With Uber, Less Reason to Own a Car

The New York Times, 6-11-2014

No transportation tax on Santa Clara County ballot this year after all

San Jose Mercury News, 6-11-2014

How Cyclists On Telegraph Mean Business

East Bay Express, 6-11-2014

SGC Awards Grants to Boost Smarter Urban Planning in CA Cities

Streetsblog LA, 6-11-2014

Caltrans Seeks Public’s Input on Statewide Freight Mobility Plan

Sierra Sun Times, 6-11-2014

California Sets Dates for Freight Mobility Plan Workshops

Heavy Duty Trucking, 6-11-2014

Oakland Moves Forward on Fossil Fuel Bans

East Bay Express, 6-11-2014

Revamped plans for downtown San Ramon are unveiled

Contra Costa Times, 6-10-2014

AC Transit streamlines boarding with Clipper Card discounts and Day Pass

Tri-City Voice, 6-10-2014

Google's driverless car will need more testing, watchdog group warns

The Los Angeles Times, 6-10-2014

House votes to cut off money for high-speed rail

Inside Bay Area, 6-10-2014

SF supervisors may defy mayor on transit funding measure

San Francisco Examiner, 6-10-2014

Bump at pump in January to help speed bullet train project

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-9-2014

Editorial: California’s troublesome environmental review process needs to be fixed

The Sacramento Bee, 6-9-2014

California drought: Voluntary cutback falls short in Bay Area

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-9-2014

Bay Area falls short in water conservation

KTVU, 6-9-2014

Report: Caltrans Overrode Worries About Bay Bridge

ABC News, 6-9-2014

Francisco Reservoir plan touches on San Francisco parks and housing issues

San Francisco Examiner, 6-9-2014

Gov. Jerry Brown, Democrats still debating size of California’s budget

The Sacramento Bee, 6-9-2014

Supervisors to decide fate of Sonoma's proposed affordable housing project

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 6-9-2014

New Petaluma overpass set to open

Marin Independent Journal, 6-9-2014

SF voters in all neighborhoods roundly supported Prop. B waterfront measure

San Francisco Examiner, 6-9-2014

Open Space Measure AA backers declare victory in $300 million bond measure

Contra Costa Times, 6-9-2014

More lawsuits are a foregone conclusion for California high-speed rail

The Los Angeles Times, 6-8-2014

In San Rafael, mounting pedestrian deaths spur search for solutions

Marin Independent Journal, 6-8-2014

Bay Area 'Spare the Air' issued

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-8-2014

Bay Bridge flaws: bad welds, delays cost many millions extra

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-8-2014

California officials burn through millions in Bay Area bridge project

The Oregonian, 6-8-2014

Muni officials expect normal service Monday in wake of sickout

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-8-2014

Bay Bridge’s troubled China connection

The Sacramento Bee, 6-8-2014

S.F. waterfront development must prepare for rising seas

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-8-2014

Editorial: U.S. must repair aging roads, bridges and rails

Inside Bay Area, 6-7-2014

El Nino rains may not help California drought

The Oregonian, 6-7-2014

Parking: S.F.'s temporary problem

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-7-2014

Why frustrated Muni operators use sickout to gain leverage

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-7-2014

Affordable Housing That’s Very Costly

The New York Times, 6-7-2014

Berkeley town hall speakers focus on collaboration across levels of government

The Daily Californian, 6-6-2014

California drought: El Niño chances increase, but scientists say it may be a weak one

San Jose Mercury News, 6-6-2014

Bay Area Traffic Congestion Is Worse

KQED News, 6-6-2014

Up Until the 1970s, Muni Had Competition

KQED News, 6-6-2014

Muni workers told to prove they were sick

Inside Bay Area, 6-6-2014

California Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Red-Light Cameras

KTLA, 6-6-2014

San Francisco’s richest zip codes

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-6-2014

Kings County lawsuit challenges Fresno-Bakersfield high-speed rail

The Fresno Bee, 6-6-2014

AC Transit riders hold "listening tour," ask for change

KTVU, 6-6-2014

296 Acres Donated to East Bay Regional Park District

NBC Bay Area, 6-6-2014

Clipper cards to be used for SMART train when service launches in 2016

Marin Independent Journal, 6-6-2014

Red light cameras: How accurate are they?

Contra Costa Times, 6-6-2014

Premature cracks found on Carquinez Bridge

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-5-2014

Arts nonprofit proposes subway-inspired light sculpture above Market Street

San Francisco Examiner, 6-5-2014

VIDEO: Caltrans Finds Problems With Seismic Joint On Carquinez Bridge

KRON, 6-5-2014

Tam Valley faces traffic nightmare

Marin Independent Journal, 6-5-2014

Bay Area’s Team Bike Challenge Shatters Records

Yahoo! News, 6-5-2014

Muni expects service to get back to normal today after sickout

KGO, 6-5-2014

Caltrans Finds Problems With Seismic Joint On Carquinez Bridge

CBS San Francisco, 6-5-2014

Taking Vallejo, Benicia buses into the future

Vallejo Times-Herald, 6-5-2014

Muni buses running ads for taxi hailing app Flywheel

San Francisco Examiner, 6-5-2014

SF transit workers find no support from public

San Francisco Examiner, 6-5-2014

Muni approaches regular service after three-day worker 'sickout'

San Francisco Examiner, 6-5-2014

Joint on Carquinez Bridge damaged, officials say

Contra Costa Times, 6-5-2014

Palo Alto: Council backs three-eighths sales tax increase to benefit Caltrain

San Jose, 6-5-2014

Cracks Found on Carquinez Bridge Earlier Than Expected: Report

NBC Bay Area, 6-5-2014

Oakland's public face is pockmarked with graffiti

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-5-2014

California license plates are back in black

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-5-2014

San Francisco files charge over transit sick-out

San Jose Mercury News, 6-5-2014

Muni’s Absymal Breakdown Rate: One Reason SF Needs a Vehicle License Fee

Streetsblog SF, 6-5-2014

State is moving to prevent spills of oil shipped by trains

The Los Angeles Times, 6-5-2014

Dozens attend meeting on high-speed rail

The Santa Clarita Valley Signal, 6-5-2014

Transportation Planners Get Down To Work For Super Bowl 50

KCBS, 6-5-2014

San Francisco high court rules red-light camera evidence is presumed authentic

KTVU, 6-5-2014

5 Most Congested Cities In The U.S.

CBS News, 6-4-2014

Carquinez Bridge suffers cracks, Bay Bridge could be next

ABC 7 News, 6-4-2014

Problems discovered with Carquinez Bridge seismic joint

KTVU, 6-4-2014

‘The Bay Lights’ Creator Seeks Light Sculpture On Market Street In Downtown San Francisco

KPIX, 6-4-2014

Fix for anchoring rods of new Bay Bridge span to cost $1.5 million

KTVU, 6-4-2014

MTC doles out $40M for SMART, North South Greenway

Twin Cities Times, 6-4-2014

SFMTA to Change “Unclear” Sidewalk Parking Guidelines on Website

Streetsblog SF, 6-4-2014

S.F. city attorney files legal charges to halt Muni sickout

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-4-2014

Study: San Francisco Traffic Is Almost As Bad As Los Angeles

SF Weekly, 6-4-2014

Is California on the Freeway to Fiscal Sanity?

Governing, 6-4-2014

Voters in one of America’s most expensive cities just came up with another way to block new housing

The Washington Post, 6-4-2014

Lane Change: VTA, Caltrans propose adding express lane program

San Jose Mercury News, 6-4-2014

Editorial: Congress detours from common sense on the Highway Trust Fund

The Washington Post, 6-4-2014

Waterfront height limit measure earns convincing victory

San Francisco Examiner, 6-4-2014

S.F. voters OK Prop. B on waterfront development

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-4-2014

Berkeley lands $750,000 for Adeline district revitalization planning

San Jose Mercury News, 6-4-2014

Muni sickout continues for 2nd day

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-3-2014

I-80/680 interchange project work begins

The Daily Republic, 6-3-2014

Caltrans begins improvements on I-80 in Solano County

Napa Valley Register, 6-3-2014

San Francisco County Transportation Authority Contracts with Tyler Technologies for Microsoft Dynamics AX

MarketWatch, 6-3-2014

“Experience Electric” Initiative Brings the Latest EV Models to the People

San Francisco Bay Crossings, 6-3-2014

Does Rail Transit Proximity Attract New Businesses?

PR Newswire, 6-3-2014

Water Emergency Transportation Authority Awarded $3 Million Grant to Construct Facility in Alameda

East Bay Express, 6-3-2014

Uber, Lyft and Sidecar Operate at SFO Illegally

NBC Bay Area, 6-3-2014

REGIONAL: Officials break ground on Solano-Napa I-80/I-680/SR12 Interchange Project

Lake County News, 6-2-2014

Interstate 80 to get new, wider Green Valley Road overcrossing

Vacaville Reporter, 6-2-2014

Marin Voice: Marin needs to grow with a focus on transit

Marin Independent Journal, 6-2-2014

Lennar buying 100 acres from Union Pacific as developers encircle Fremont's new BART station

San Francisco Business Times, 6-2-2014

Muni sickout causing delays across city

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-2-2014

Editorial: Marin needs to grow with a focus on transit

Marin Independent Journal, 6-2-2014

Paying to ride the school bus

KALW, 6-2-2014

Historic EPA global warming rules: How will they affect California?

San Jose Mercury News, 6-2-2014

San Francisco's big budget for big problems

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-2-2014

California a model for U.S. under Obama global-warming plan

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-2-2014

Gritty Lower Polk’s fortunes are starting to look up

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-2-2014

How to Fix America's Infrastructure

The Heritage Foundation, 6-2-2014

EPA unveils landmark climate rule

The Hill, 6-2-2014

America’s Highways, Running on Empty

The New York Times, 6-1-2014

Hydrogen-fueled cars face uncertain market in California

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-1-2014

S.F. mayor calls for huge boost in affordable housing funds

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-1-2014

Mayor’s budget plan boosts workforce, increases investment in homeless services and housing

San Francisco Examiner, 6-1-2014

New Rules for Power Plants: What They Mean for California

KQED Science, 6-1-2014