Plan Bay Area is a long-range regional plan jointly developed and adopted by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) every four years.


Plan Bay Area charts the course for the Bay Area’s future and identifies a path to make the region more equitable for all residents and more resilient in the face of unexpected challenges. The latest version of the plan — Plan Bay Area 2050 — is made up of 35 strategies across four key elements: housing, the economy, transportation, and the environment.

Plan Bay Area 2050+ is the next long-range plan currently in development. It is a limited and focused update that builds upon the strong foundation of Plan Bay Area 2050, adopted by MTC and ABAG in October 2021. Plan Bay Area 2050+ is an opportunity to refine the plan’s strategies to integrate the lessons of the last three years.

Each new plan is influenced by many factors that evolve over time, though two of them remain paramount: requirements established by state and federal law, as well as input from people who live and work in the Bay Area.

Federal regulations require MTC to produce a Regional Transportation Plan, while state law requires ABAG and MTC to jointly develop the Bay Area’s Sustainable Communities Strategy. To meet these requirements, MTC and ABAG address both in a single document — Plan Bay Area.

Community input is where you come in. The plan requires robust public participation to ensure the vision and strategies equitably reflect the needs and insights of Bay Area residents and the unique needs of the nine diverse counties surrounding San Francisco Bay.

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