Public Participation Plan

The Public Participation Plan provides members of the public with information about how to be involved in the transportation planning process.

Karl Nielsen

State and federal law requires MTC to adopt a participation plan to provide members of the public with opportunities to be involved in the transportation planning process. MTC’s 2018 Public Participation Plan (PPP) was adopted in June 2018 and informs interested residents on how to engage in the range of MTC’s decisions relating to planning and funding allocations. Included in Appendix A of the PPP is information highlighting planning and decision milestones, along with public engagement opportunities, for Plan Bay Area 2050 — the region’s next long-range transportation and land-use blueprint that MTC adopts with the Association of Bay Area Governments.

MTC and ABAG anticipate an extensive outreach effort with the public, local governments (cities, counties, congestion management/county transportation agencies, and transit agencies), community-based organizations and youth. This outreach will begin in late 2022.

To request a copy of the 2018 Public Participation Plan in Spanish or Chinese, please email the Public Information Office at